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Defining CRM

Once a company has collected information about a customer, it's imperative that the company train its salespeople and other employees in using the profiled information to keep the customer relationship strong. A salesperson is not the CEO of the company but is the face of the company. The role a salesperson plays is important in any CRM program.

Most often, a customer who runs into a technical or billing problem will phone or email his salesperson instead of calling the customer service team.

That's because the customer already has a relationship with the salesperson, has bonded with and, most importantly, trusts that person It's always safer and easier to reach out to someone you know than to try to explain your issue to a stranger. And all skilled salespeople know that after-sales customer service is more important than before-sales customer service. Although customer interactions can be time-consuming and burdensome for a salesperson, they can also hold the key to future sales.

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When a salesperson helps a customer solve a difficult problem, it's much more likely that the customer will continue to make purchases from that salesperson because a bond has been created. There's also a very good chance that the customer will send friends and family members to that salesperson as well.

What is a CRM system?

In the end, this bonding experience and good word of mouth are exactly what a customer relationship management system is trying to accomplish. It's critical that every member of a company's sales team understands and implements its company's CRM strategy. It is one of the key ways a salesperson can be successful, and in turn, make the company successful. Of course, it's not just the salesperson and the company that benefits from CRM systems. Customers are better served on a daily basis. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Sales Glossary. By Wendy Connick. Six benefits that provide value include:.

Each customer profile is highly targeted to help ensure customer satisfaction. It allows for improved pricing to meet customer budgets. The customized products and service offerings make purchasing more efficient.

The individualized marketing messages otherwise known as campaigns make customers feel as though they have a "personal shopper. The integrated platform helps prevent customer profile error. Modern marketing enables you to create personalized, meaningful experiences for customers, turning casual prospects into passionate advocates and achieving more revenue faster.

Today's mobile salesforce needs a CRM system that is easy to use and provides the relevant information they need to make sales faster.

Why CRM Software for my Business?

Sales management needs real-time insight into pipeline opportunities and sales numbers, and an efficient avenue for managing sales reps on the go. Oracle Sales Cloud delivers all that and more. Shoppers demand personalized, omni-channel experiences across their journeys. To deliver this, merchants must have a flexible cloud platform that simplifies connections to other systems, streamlines site management, and offers the ultimate brand control.

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Oracle Commerce Cloud empowers merchants to become more agile and reduce their costs while delivering experiences that lead the commerce evolution. Tap the power of social media to fuel improved customer experience with better insights, more targeted and effective content, better service, and real-time collaboration. Capture only the relevant conversations around your brand and use advanced analytics to make use of those insights quickly. A modern, integrated customer service approach leverages a multichannel environment to provide better service at a reduced cost, monitors social media to identify and address potential service issues, and helps drive higher sales conversions.

Both enterprises and fast-growing midsize companies are looking for ways to streamline the entire opportunity-to-quote process as a critical component of their CRM program. By making the entire sales process more efficient—including product selection, configuration, pricing, quoting, ordering, and approval workflows—businesses are able to deliver better customer service and scale for growth. Find out how Oracle enables you to break through organizational barriers to create a comprehensive CRM program. Home Menu. Oracle Back Search Search by voice.

Free Cloud Trial. No results found Your search did not match any results. Rising Expectations Turn Customer Experience into a Competitive Advantage Your customers expect the same experience with your brand, regardless of where the interaction takes place—on social media, online, in-store, on your mobile app, on your website, or through the call center. Whether deployed modularly to tackle specific business challenges or deployed as a comprehensive solution, Oracle's approach enables your company to: Provide cross-channel, consistent customer experiences using pre-built business processes that span silos Integrate CX with enterprise applications, providing connections throughout the buyer's journey and making operations more efficient Leverage industry-specific best practices for competitive advantage and lower TCO.

Marketing Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time through a range of communication channels requires the ability to quickly collect data, gain insight, and parlay that insight into action. Aggregate marketing data and target the right customers to simplify and streamline the customer experience Orchestrate individualized, relevant customer experiences across channels Analyze marketing performance, attribute revenue, and gain better insight into the customer experiences you provide Learn more about Oracle marketing solutions.

Sales Today's mobile salesforce needs a CRM system that is easy to use and provides the relevant information they need to make sales faster.

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