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Remove the transfer from the base paper. Apply a layer of Mr. Mark Softer on the surface where you intend to apply the transfer.

HGW Models - No. 248902 - 1:48

Place the transfer in the required position on the layer of Mr. Mark Softer. Carefully press out any excess liquid and bubbles.

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Use the cloth and the cotton bud. Ideally, leave it to dry for hours. Carefully remove the transparent transfer film.

F4U Corsair WW2 fighter | World War Photos

Clean off any traces of transfer glue with a wet cloth. Sales must be registered to the tax authority online; in case of a technical failure this must be done within 48 hours. New View larger. Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. More info Reviews How does it work?

Carry out the test not on the model , if you are applying to paint made by a different manufacturer. We recommend to spray the surface with a glossy varnish in order to achieve a perfect result.

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The last thing added to the cockpit was gun sight and front. There are masks for the armored glass and multiple parts for the gun sight itself. This is added to the front of the cockpit. There is also the option for a pilot who is very well done, but I skipped this step. To finish the interior, I built the sidewalls which are also multiple parts.

Vought F4U-1 Corsair U.S. Navy Part 1 (LPS Hobby LPM72-18)

A really nice touch here is separate parts to create the sills for the canopy. The remainder of the dials, throttle, etc.

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  • The flare gun is even well represented. There is also a photo etch backing to some of the instruments. To finish the back, there are bulkheads representing the area in the tail and the control arm for the horizontal stabilizer, too.

    USMC F4U Corsairs

    One really nice feature is blanks with the correct ribbing which cover the two holes where the molded stabilizer tabs are located. One thing to note - the color of this area is a salmon color. This is a primer color used in early Corsairs and is correct from all I could tell. It does look strange. Once all this was complete, the tail bulkheads and cockpit were added and the fuselage glued together.

    How to build Tamiya's F4U1 Corsair 1:48 Part 1 - HD

    Don't forget part F-8, which will eventually hold the tail wheel. It needs to be sandwiched between the fuselage halves. Tamiya also includes a forward bulkhead and a bar to provide correct spacing and add stiffness. Great engineering. One everything was glued, I added the cowling cover note: there is a panel which needs to be filled and the front firewall.

    I added the exhausts to that, as well as the hump behind the pilots seat. So far, there are two things that strike me. First is the fit and engineering. There is almost no filler needed, and what was added was my fault, but most of that is due to the people designing it knowing how to build kits. Second, the detail is superb. I doubt any aftermarket will make the cockpit better.

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    Stay tuned for part two which will be the wings and engine builds I am folding them! Search this site:. Login Register. Box Art. Reviewed by:.

    F4U Corsair part1 F4U Corsair part1
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