Traitors Gate (Crossroads)

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    Traitors’ Gate (Crossroads)

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    The Golden Key. In the Ruins. For the first two books I did feel that personal morality aligns rather too closely with which side of the war a character is on, and wished for more moral ambiguity. To a large degree that's subverted in the final volume, though. There are multiple highly-detailed cultures.

    Traitors Gate (Crossroads) Traitors Gate (Crossroads)
    Traitors Gate (Crossroads) Traitors Gate (Crossroads)
    Traitors Gate (Crossroads) Traitors Gate (Crossroads)
    Traitors Gate (Crossroads) Traitors Gate (Crossroads)
    Traitors Gate (Crossroads) Traitors Gate (Crossroads)
    Traitors Gate (Crossroads) Traitors Gate (Crossroads)
    Traitors Gate (Crossroads) Traitors Gate (Crossroads)
    Traitors Gate (Crossroads) Traitors Gate (Crossroads)

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